Fellowship With Us

Shabbat Service

Tabernacle of David is a Messianic community that lifts up Messiah Yeshua (Jesus), honors the Torah, and aims to help people grow closer to God. See what we believe.

We meet on Shabbat (Saturday) at 11:30am.:

  • 11:30am – (Optional) Oneg meal. Join our community for a holy meal with Yeshua’s disciples. Feel free to bring a kosher-style dish to share.
  • 12:30pm – service begins – Biblical liturgy
  • 12:45pm – service begins – worship with Biblical psalms and songs, singing and instruments
  • 1:30pm – Bible study, with discussion and Q&A

What does our service entail? Biblical liturgy, worship with Messianic music, blessing the children, and community Scripture study and discussion. See what to expect.

After service, our community often gathers for shared meal as shabbat comes to a close.

First time? Just show up, share a meal with us, worship together. It’ll be a holy time! Want to get to know us first? Contact us and join one of our families at home for an erev shabbat (Friday night) meal.

Want to learn more about us? Find out what to expect, examine our beliefs, and meet the Tabernacle of David leaders.

Frequently asked questions

  • Q. Is your congregation intended for Jewish people only?
    A. No, everyone is welcomed. While some of our leaders and congregants have Jewish heritage, we believe the Messianic movement is larger than the restoration of Jews to the Jewish Messiah. It also encompasses a great reformation of non-Jews moving away from the Church’s historic antisemitism and replacement theology, and returning to the Israel-centric nature of faith in the God of Israel through the Messiah of Israel.
  • Q. How does “Messianic” differ from “Christian“?
    A. Both terms mean the same thing: follower of Messiah. However, in practice, Messianic believers differ in that we hold to the ongoing validity and applicability of all of Scripture, including the Torah (the first 5 books of the Bible). This has implications such as eating only kosher food as Messiah did, resting on the 7th day as God did, and more.
  • Q. I’m a Christian. Will I be welcomed at your congregation?
    A. Yes, absolutely. We see Christians in the church as brothers & sisters in Messiah.
  • Q. How long are your services?
    A. Longer than what many church-attending folks are accustomed to! We meet for a community meal at 11am. Our Biblical liturgy and Messianic music worship service typically goes until 1pm, and our community Scripture study goes for another hour or two, until 3 or 4pm. Afterwards, we often share a community dinner. For us, shabbat is a whole day with God. Ceasing from our normal busy lives and instead devoting a whole day entirely to God. It’s holy! Try it and see for yourself.
  • Q. I don’t speak Hebrew. Will I be lost?
    A. You’ll do fine. Some of our songs and prayers are in both Hebrew and English. However, no knowledge of Hebrew is required, and we have lyrics displayed for all prayers and songs.