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  • Shalom fine Chavah fans! We have something special for you today. 😊 New Israeli Messianic music on the station to brighten your shabbat: Avner & Rachel – Shtetl Dreams This new album is from our dear friends Avner & Rachel Boskey, Messianic music veterans whose music graces not only our station, but thousands of Messianic […]
  • Shalom Chavah fans, As part of Messiah’s Music Fund , you all have donated $743 to Messiah’s musicians in July. What a blessing! Thank you, friends! All the money goes to the artists. Thank you for making this good work possible. ♥ Here are the exact figures: $547 in monthly donations – from 53 individuals […]
  • This post first appeared on Kineti and is authored by Judah Gabriel Himango, one of Tabernacle of David’s teachers. Dall-E 2 is the state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) for image generation. You describe in a sentence what you want, and Dall-E will create an image for you.  Here are some fun examples: “An astronaut riding a horse… […]
  • Islamist rocket fire is lighting up the Middle Eastern skies. Journalists are rushing to scoop the battle as moths fly to a flame. Here is some helpful background on Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) and fast moving events.   Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) – spiritual roots The PLO, al Qa’eda, ISIS, Hamas and PIJ – all […]
  • Do you have worldview? The term worldview was used in the sense described by prominent German philosopher Wilhelm Dilthey (1833-1911). Dilthey affirmed that philosophy must be defined as a comprehensiveness vision of reality that involves the social and historical reality… Continue reading →
  • This post first appeared on Wisdom in Torah, authored by Rico Cortes. Tabernacle of David considers this ministry trustworthy and Biblically faithful. The post The Bible vs The Ancient Near East – Rico Cortes appeared first on Wisdom In Torah Ministries – Rico Cortes.
  • In this clip, we take a closer look at Theological Anthropology and what it means to say we are created in the image of God (Gen 1: 26-28). Obviously, the Imago Dei concept has laid the groundwork for human rights,… Continue reading →
  • In this clip, I discuss the various people groups we encounter while doing apologetics and outreach on college campuses.
  • In this clip, we discuss why so many Jewish people don’t believe in a personal God. In regards to Jewish identity, one can be ethnically Jewish. However, it isn’t necessary to believe in a personal God.
  • Did Jesus reject the Torah’s dietary laws? Many say that he did, citing Mark 7:1-23 as proof. In this article, I will explain the problems with the traditional interpretation of this passage and offer an alternative view that presents a more consistent and accurate portrayal of Jesus’s teaching.