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  • Is Jesus the Only Way? One of the most controversial issues in religious dialogue is whether there is one way of salvation. In other words, the biblical claim that Jesus is the only possible Savior for the human race (Matthew… Continue reading →
  • Over the years I have heard the objection from my Jewish friends that Judaism does not believe that the Messiah is divine. In other words, the entire belief in Jesus’ deity is a Christian invention that developed much later in… Continue reading →
  • For the follower of Jesus, there is the call to “make disciples of the nations” (Matt.28:19). Any attempt to reach out to a lost and needy world will result in several encounters with people from a variety of spiritual backgrounds.… Continue reading →
  • There are different groups which one will encounter today, who use the term “Messianic” in some form or fashion. What do each of these groups really stand for, in terms of their mission and theology? How challenging is it, to perhaps find a diversity of people attending your local Messianic congregation—without even realizing it?
  • This post first appeared on Wisdom in Torah, authored by Rico Cortes. Tabernacle of David considers this ministry trustworthy and Biblically faithful. The post Did you know the connection of the Shabbat and the Temple? appeared first on Wisdom In Torah Ministries – Rico Cortes.
  • The skeptical issue in our culture mostly enters into the religious dialogue in the following way: “In the case of God, who isn’t some physical object but a divine being, what kind of evidence should we expect to find? There… Continue reading →
  • What is apologetics? For starters, apologetics is not about apologizing for being a follower of Jesus. One of the primary passages that is used in discussing apologetics is 1 Peter 3:15 which says, “But in your hearts acknowledge Christ as… Continue reading →
  •   When it comes to whether or not Jesus is the Messiah, there is no disagreement between Christians and Jewish people that the Messiah has to be a descendant of David. The area of disagreement is when Christians assert that… Continue reading →
  • New Hebraic music for Yeshua on Chavah Messianic Radio: Hannah Jay – Awakening Hannah is a new, upcoming artist in the Hebraic movement. I heard her music first at Hebraic Music Fest a few months ago and was deeply impressed by not only her vocal talent but her love for the Lord. I spoke with […]
  • Anyone who has been engaged in talking to people in our culture about the Christian worldview knows that many people misunderstand the word “faith.” I could go ahead and blame the media, pop culture, and the university for this widespread… Continue reading →