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  • In this weekly zoom clip, we discuss God’s Sovereignty,  Foreknowledge, and Man’s Responsibility. Yes, this is a monstrous topic and many have struggled with it and tried to figure it out. We will tackle some of these issues here. We look… Continue reading →
  • I’ve been reading some scientific studies on the psychosocial impact of polygamy (in particular, the form of polygamy known as polygyny, that is, a husband having two or more wives). Modern-day advocates for polygamy argue that this practice benefits families and society, but the scientific data tells a different story. The harmful effects of polygamy […]
  • Three new music albums added in a day. Making up for a bit of lost time in the last month or so. ☺ Today’s new album is actually several singles by friend of the station, Yaakov Ben Yehoshua: Born Again Freedom Ani Ohev אני אוהב Shema You Alone Are God HaKol Beseder הכל בסדר I […]
  • Shalom Chavah listeners. More new music on the station: Adalya – By Every Word Thanks to Adalya for sending us this album, their third on Chavah. The album features 8 songs, all from individual chapters of Biblical books. You can purchase the album over at
  • Shalom fine Chavah listeners. We’ve got some new music on the station that I think you’ll love: Aromem This is a new band formed by Messianic music veteran David Martin, whose solo music already graces Chavah, along with a friend of the station, Jonathan, who has contributed in many ways to Chavah over the last […]
  • There are several approaches to defending the historicity of the resurrection of Jesus. Skeptics have offered a wide range of natural explanations throughout history to explain away the bodily resurrection of  Jesus. In this post, I will go ahead and… Continue reading →
  • Do you ever ask yourself the following questions: “If the Gospel is true and I have come into a relationship with God, why do I still struggle with the same sins?” or, “Why do I struggle with the same attitudes… Continue reading →
  • The world is going through intense birth pangs. We are also in the process of giving birth – to three new babies. I believe that these opportunities are worth sowing into. Here they are. Pray with us as to what God would have you do in terms of standing with us in bringing these babies […]
  • When it comes to eschatology, there is a tendency to want to debate the nature of the millennium and eschatological systems. We will talk about how eschatology is related to discipleship. Inaugurated eschatology is associated with the “already but not… Continue reading →
  • This post first appeared on Kineti and is authored by Judah Gabriel Himango, one of Tabernacle of David’s teachers. Sukkot, the Biblical Feast of Tabernacles, is a theology buster. “We don’t do that Jewish stuff” “The Old Testament is no longer binding” “Christians shouldn’t celebrate it” “Jesus nailed those commandments to the cross” “It’s partial/soft/hard… […]