Defending the divine Messiah Yeshua: answering the claims of anti-missionaries


Is Yeshua the Messiah? What about the Jewish objections to Jesus, do they have any merit?

And what about this controversial idea held by Yeshua’s disciples and the early Yeshua community: that Messiah was both Lord and God, God manifest on earth?

If you’ve asked these questions yourself, you might be interested in this J.K. McKee’s new book, Confronting Yeshua’s Divinity and Messiahship.

In the book, McKee, himself a longtime Messianic apologist and defender of our faith, addresses through Scripture and scholarship the frequently-avoided questions about Yeshua, his messiaship, his divinity. Check it out here for free.

He shows that Yeshua is both divine — God entering the world — and messiah: the promised king of Israel who will institute the Kingdom of God on earth, save Jerusalem, and usher in the restoration of all things.

Read the book for free here.