Micha’el Ben David at ToD this shabbat!

Shalom, Tabernaclers! Judah here.

Our longtime friend and holy brother Micha’el Ben David will be joining us at Tabernacle of David this shabbat, Saturday July 26th from 11am to 3pm. Directions here.

Micha’el leaves his home in Israel for a few months every year to visit Messianic Jewish synagogues, Hebrew Roots congregations, and Christian churches all over the world. We are honored to host him for the 4th consecutive year as he leads us in worship.

We’d be grateful¬†if you joined us this shabbat! We have a beautiful¬†time of worship and joyful praise with Micha’el each time he visits. I think you’ll glad you did.

Micha’el’s new album, Mizmor L’Ben David (Psalm for the Son of David), will be available, and all donations and offerings will go to Micha’el’s ministry:

micha'el eliyahu bendavid - mizmor l'ben david

Please support Messiah’s musicians in Israel by purchasing Micha’el Ben David’s new album.

Todah, thank you for reading, and I hope to see you come shabbat!