The Lumbrosos at Tabernacle of David this shabbat


Shalom, Tabernaclers. Judah here inviting you to Tabernacle of David this Saturday for special guests, Messianic Jewish musicians the Lumbrosos.

I think you guys will enjoy. I met Patrick and Christine last year at a Messianic congregation. When I introduced myself, they asked, “Judah…from Chavah Messianic Radio? We love your station!”

We talked for awhile and hit it off quite well. I found them to be friendly and sincere people. They’re good people who serve the Lord. I like them, and I think you will too.

They approached me again a month ago and asked if they could minister to us at Tabernacle. I was honored they asked.

They are longtime Messianic musicians who have recently released their 3rd album, Koveh Adonai. Give a listen to some of their songs, I think you’ll enjoy:

The Lumbrosos – Vayikra Shemo (And His Name Shall Be Called)

The Lumbrosos – Shomer Yisrael (Guardian of Israel)

The Lumbrosos – Day of Messiah