July at Tabernacle of David


Shalom all,

Here’s what’s going on this July at Tabernacle of David:

  • Upcoming teachings on Torah, good works, and the gospel.
  • Hebrew lessons…and a fun little online Hebrew learning game.
  • Prayer requests and needs in our community.
  • Recordings of teachings from our guests and teachers this past month.
  • Recent articles by our teachers.

Sound interesting? Read on.

Upcoming teachings


Torah portion Nasso נָשֹׂא 1 and 2

July 3rd
By Bill Patton
Torah: Numbers 4:21-5:31, Nasso (“Take a census”). A census in the assembly of Israel. Responsibilities given to the Levites. Laws of purity in the assembly. Laws of marital faithfulness. Divine justice for unfaithfulness.

Torah portion Nasso נָשֹׂא 3 and 4

July 9th
By Bill Patton
Torah: Numbers 6:1-7:89. Nazirite vows. The Aaronic benediction. Offerings of the tribes of Israel.

Good Works and the Gospel

July 16th
By Judah Gabriel Himango
The role of good works in the lives of Yeshua’s disciples. Does God require us to do good works, or are we saved by grace and works don’t matter? Which is more important: believing the right things or doing good things?

Torah portion Beha’alotcha בְּהַעֲלֹתְךָ 1 and 2

July 23rd
By Bryan Ussatis
Torah: Numbers 8:1-10:36, beha’alotcha, “when you step up.” Dedication of the Levites. The 2nd-chance Passover. A divine sign and guide: the pillar of cloud. The journey from Sinai.

Torah portion Beha’alotcha בְּהַעֲלֹתְךָ 3 and 4

July 30th
By Bryan Ussatis
Torah: Numbers 11:1-12:16. Moses appoints 70 elders. The Holy Spirit falls on the elders and they begin prophesying. Divine provision for Israel.

Hebrew lessons

(if you’re willing!)

Hebrew is the holy language; God used it to reveal himself to humanity.

It’s the language of our people, the people of Israel — whether Jew or gentile, chosen or grafted.

It’s the language of Yeshua and the disciples, the language of Moses, the language of the prophets and kings. It’s the language of David and the Psalms.

As disciples of the Jewish Messiah, we are called to be students of the Scripture; knowing the language of the Bible helps us grow in understanding and become better disciples.

Tabernacler Dawn Brekke is a Hebrew teacher and wants to teach Hebrew – if only she had some students. 🙂

Are you willing to learn some basic Biblical Hebrew?

Don’t worry about time commitment – we’ll meet once or twice a month, right after shabbat service. So it won’t inconvenience you or be difficult to commit to.  And we’ll have some food and drinks available; it’ll be fun.

Why not take a step forward and learn some basic Hebrew? Talk to Dawn or Judah this shabbat about joining us for Hebrew lessons.

p.s. Speaking of Hebrew, my buddy and fellow Messianic leader Aaron Eby created a fun little online game to teach you the Hebrew letters and their sounds. I think it’s a great way to start learning Hebrew:alittlehebrew.com/read. No sign-up or anything; just click the link and get started.

Prayer requests & needs in our community

Please keep the following people in prayer:

• Ruth K. is suffering with a stroke and stage 4 cancer. Just this week, Ruth’s husband told me,

“Ruth was sent to the emergency room today from the nursing home. Her breast was bleeding. She is still paralyzed after the stroke on her right side and can’t talk. The doctors don’t have a good prognosis and think the worse over the next couple of days, but I have the good report that states: “He Himself bore Ruth’s sicknesses and carried her diseases, the chastisement of her peace was upon him, and by His wound she was healed” and again in Jeremiah 30:17  “For I will restore health to you, and your wounds I will heal, declares Yahweh…”

• Phil is trying to get out of an old lifestyle and follow the Lord. Trying to stand on his feet and move out of his apartment and away from negative influences from his old life.

Disciples of Yeshua ought to help each other. If you have a need, or a prayer request, let us know either at shabbat service, or by replying to this email.

Audio teachings from the past month

Missed a teaching? We had some excellent ones recently.

• Bryan Ussatis spoke on Bamidbar 1 and Bamidbar 2

• Bill Patton spoke on Bamidbar 3 and 4

• Judah Gabriel Himango gave a teaching on Shavuot.

• Ryan White gave a teaching on apocryphal thought in the Bible.

And last week, our guest speaker Mr. Patrick Lumbroso delivered an excellent lecture on the kinsman redeemer as seen in the Torah, the prophets, and the gospels. We’ll post this shortly to the recent teachings page.

Recent articles by our teachers

Understanding Isaiah 6

By Ryan White

Isaiah 6’s genre is a prophetic judgment speech against Israel. It also includes a woe oracle against Israel in 6:5 for being of unclean lips. As is typical with prophetic genre, YHWH’s speech is in the form of poetry in verses 9-13.

Typical also for prophetic judgment is the hope of restoration which is found in verse 13; the “holy seed/offspring” which will survive the destruction. The passage can also be described as proto-apocalyptic. The heavenly court scene is frequently found in apocalypses as is the idea of unavoidable calamity.

There exists also a dichotomy between the unrighteous who are marked for destruction and the righteous who will survive. From a literary standpoint, the written record of this prophecy invites the reader to become part of this elite group who do listen and see and survive the destruction. This motif is also picked up on in the Gospels and will be discussed below… Read this article on Rooted In Torah

Remembering God’s faithfulness in restoring Jeruslaem

By Judah Gabriel Himango

Exactly 49 years ago, on this day in 1967, after nearly 2000 years, Jerusalem returned to the people of Israel. I want to reflect on that in this post, because it helps me remember how good God is and that he still keeps his promises.

When the IDF troops entered the Old City of Jerusalem and approached the Western Wall, General Shlomo Goren sounded the shofar to mark the historic moment.
First-hand accounts of the miraculous event are numerous. The late Yitzchak Rabin records… Read this article on Kineti L’Tziyon.

Shalom in Messiah

Thanks for reading. I hope two things: that this newsletter has been helpful to you, and that I see you this July at Tabernacle of David.

Happy 4th of July to you all, and shalom in Messiah to you and your family.