Restoring Honor & Removing Shame According to the Temple Service (Parts 1-4)

[This was written by Tabernacle of David teacher Ryan White, and was originally posted at Rooted In Torah.]

Many people consider Leviticus to be a book of rituals that no longer carry any meaning, however Leviticus does not actually contain enough information to perform even one of these rituals. In reality, the rituals and Temple service were given as a means of preserving the values and principles that were designed by YHVH Himself to allow us to draw near to Him by removing shame and restoring honor. In this series we will begin by discussing the aspects of the Temple itself; how it served as the house of the Great King and was patterned after the Garden in Eden and then show how understanding the Temple as a return to Eden (and return to honor) in turn helps us understand the function of the impurity system and the Temple service. We will also be analyzing the function of the sacrifices and of atonement to show how our sins and our impurities create a stain of dishonor on YHVH’s house and that two of the sacrifices were instituted as part of the forgiveness process to allow us to remove the shame that we caused.

This series is part of the Temple Service According to Honor and Shame Yeshiva course but I want to open up the videos to everyone in order to study for my upcoming release of the Melchizedek, Hebrews, and the Jubilee teaching.

This is a 5.5 hour series (11 parts). I will be releasing the series 2 hours at a time but if you are a monthly member, you can download the entire series right now below.

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