Yeshua’s New Exodus

[This was written by Tabernacle of David teacher Ryan White, and was originally posted at Rooted In Torah.]

Christianity has tended to focus on only the birth and death of Yeshua, ignoring or minimizing the life of Yeshua recorded in the Gospels. This creates a distorted image of the reality of what Messiah has done, especially since this tends to remove him from the Hebraic context and the climax of the story of the Hebrew Bible. Join us in investigating how the Gospel writers are portraying Yeshua as the fulfillment of the New Exodus prophesied by Isaiah.

This teaching was recorded at Tabernacle of David, Burnsville MN.



  • How God Became King by NT Wright
  • The Day the Revolution Began by NT Wright
  • Identity and Idolatry by Lints
  • Getting “Saved” by Talbert and Whitlark
  • Acts and the Isaianic New Exodus by Pao
  • Isaiah’s New Exodus in Mark by Watts

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