It’s still happening today. There’s nothing new under the sun!!!

Hey look nothing’s changed the Greek minded are still saying the same thing as the Greeks of old regarding HaShem’s Torah:

Daily Quote

The campaign of the Greeks was, as we say in the Al Hanissim prayer, aimed to “make them forget Your Torah and violate the decrees of Your will.” “Let them study Torah,” the Greeks implied. “Let them practice the logical mitzvot and the ‘testimonial’ observances. But they must not mention that the Torah is G‑d’s Torah and the mitzvot are the decrees of His will. Torah and mitzvot must be severed from G‑dliness…”
— Hayom Yom, 7th day of Chanukah

Nothing new under the sun ☀️


-The Tabernacle of David team, via our Facebook fan page