Love is a verb!! It requires ACTION!!


In the movie Fiddler on the Roof, Tevya asks his wife if she loves him? Since it was an arranged marriage she had to think. She says, I have shared your bed, washed your clothes, cleaned our house given you children milked your cows then says if that isn’t love then what is?.

The word love (ahava) in Hebrew involves action. Words can be meaningless without action. You may love chocolate, love TV, love parties, love football or love to go out at night with friends. You may say you love God but what does that mean? We were created to have a love relationship with our creator that requires action.

The first time love is ever mentioned in the Bible is (Genesis 22:2) Where God says to Abraham take your son the one you love and offer him as a sacrifice to me. The scriptures say God is love.

In the New Covenant no where does Yeshua ever say “I love you” to anyone. Why? The closest we come to this is when He wept for Lazarus and they say look how He loved him.(John 11:36) Yet in His actions He taught His followers, fed the multitude, touched the children, healed the sick, raised the dead and even washed the feet of His disciples.

Maybe God wants your Love to be an action to be shown in this life and not just a word you say.


-The Tabernacle of David team, via our Facebook fan page

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