Messianic Chords now works offline

This post first appeared on Kineti and is authored by Judah Gabriel Himango, one of Tabernacle of David’s teachers.

I recently updated to work offline. 😎 If you’re not familiar, Messianic Chords is the place you go for lyrics and chord charts for Messianic Jewish music.

The way it works is, any chord chart you view while online is automatically available offline

For example, if I navigate to Lamb – Dancing in Jerusalem

…I can then access that same chord sheet while offline:

In fact, even while offline, I can still search, browse, filter, and do all the things you’d expect. Here’s what it looks like if I’m offline and searching for “dancing”:

It’ll find any chord charts matching “dancing” that I had previously viewed while online.

This works on your phone, too! You can try it out by going to Messianic Chords, clicking one or more chord charts, then putting your phone in airplane mode. Once in airplane mode, you’re offline, but you can still navigate to and access any chords you previously accessed while online.
Offline access is super useful for when you have little to no web access. I added this feature because of a personal need: I was heading out to Proclaim Music Fest last month where there’s little to no cellular service. Since I wanted to play some tunes for the Lord, I added offline capability to Messianic Chords so I could take my chord charts with me. Maybe it’s useful to you too, fine reader.
If you’re interested in the technical side of all this — websites that work offline are rare and kind of an oddity! — you can read more about this over at my technical blog.

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