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A Summarization of Yom Teruah/Rosh HaShanah Traditions – Articles

There is a great deal of significance attached to this day in Jewish theology, as it is most often emphasized as a time when God looks down from Heaven and reconsiders where He stands with people. It is a time where we are to rejoice and celebrate, remembering His goodness to us, but also begin a sober examination of our humanity, and consider faults and sins that must be rectified.

The Seven Spirits of God as a Chiastic Structure

Digging into the Torah can sometimes uncover things not visible from a surface read. At a recent Shabbat service, Bill Patton, one of the Tabernacle of David teachers, spoke on Torah, haftarah, and New Testament. As he dug deeper into these texts, he showed a hidden meaning within the “Seven Spirits of God” mentioned in… Read more