Archived Teachings

240 Years Missing
Apostasy Restoration
Aramaic New Testament
Beasts and Kingdoms
Biblical Astronomy
Biblical Process
Cutting Covenants
Cutting Covenants continued
Davar Bible Study
Ester Notes
Ezekiel’s Temple
Feast of Tabernacles Challah-Palooza
Fire or Water
Hebrew Basics 1
Hebrew Terms
History of Evil Spirits
Hebrew Roots Version of Bible – Introduction
Interview with Sha’ul
It’s All About Yeshua
Kingdoms of Israel
Manifestation of the Ruach Part 1
Manifestation of the Ruach Part 2
Marriage as a Covenant Part 1
Marriage as a Covenant Part 2
Messiah in the Tanakh
Mikvah of Yeshua
Numbers in Scripture – Scott
Sadducees, Pharisees and Essenes – A Chart
Teachings of Yeshua outline
The Lord’s Prayer in Hebrew
The Name of YHWH part 1
The Name of YHWH part 2
Pronunciation of The Name
The Two Houses of Israel, One Body in Messiah
ToD Marriage Series Handout Part 1
ToD Marriage Series PowerPoint
Torah Forever
Torah, The New Covenant, A 3rd Temple
Triennial Torah Cycle
Why a Three Year Cycle
Wedding Feast of the Lamb
Wedding Feast PowerPoint
Who is Jewish? A Quiz
Words of the Master-1
Words of the Master-2
Words of the Master-3
Words of the Master-4
Words of the Master-5
Words of the Master-6
Words of the Master-7
Words of the Master-8
Yeshua and the Pharisees
Yeshua, the Arm of YHWH

Torah Portions
Parsha Achrei-Mot-prt3
Parsha Achrei-Mot
Parsha Bamidbar-prt-3
Parsha Bechaukatai
Parsha Bechaukatai-part 2
Parsha Behaalotcha-part-3
Parsha Chukat-prt2
Parsha Chukat
Parsha Devarim
Parsha Eikev
Parsha Emor-prt1
Parsha Emor-prt2
Parsha HaAzinu
Parsha Ki-Tavo
Parsha Ki-Tisa-prt3
Parsha Masei-1
Parsha Masei-2
Parsha Masei-MAPS
Parsha Metzora
Parsha Mishpatim-prt2
Parsha Mishpatim-prt3
Parsha Naso
Parsha Raah-prt3
Parsha Shlach-Lecha-prt3
Parsha Shlach-prt2
Parsha Shoftim-1
Parsha Shoftim-prt3
Parsha Tetzaveh-prt1
Parsha Tzav-part1
Parsha Tzav-part2
Parsha Vayakhel
Parsha Vayera
Parsha Vayikra-prt1
Parsha Vayakhel

Covenants in the Feasts
First Fruits – The Messianic Kingdom
Passover, a REVELATION, and Second Exodus
Connect the Dots – Passover and Easter
Passover, Easter, and God’s Seal
Purim Special
Sukkot speaking notes
The Year of Jubilee
Yeshua Born on Sukkot
Yom Teruah 2010
Yom Teruah 2011

Chanukah/Christmas Teachings
Chanukah (2010)
Chanukah and the End Times
Christ-Mass and the Anti-Messiah
A Christmas story

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