Ep 08: Revelation – Hope or Horror? Part 1

Shalom Tabernaclers,

Ryan White, one of the teachers at Tabernacle of David, runs the Conversations with the Bible podcast. A new episode is available:

You’ll really want to have your pitchforks and rotten fruit on standby this time. Ryan is going to present a different way of reading the book of Revelation that does not involve date setting and event forecasting. Rather than focusing on these things, Ryan will suggest that the focus is on a revelation of Yeshua to 7 real churches in Asia Minor who were suffering under intense persecution and that the letter was written to give them hope in a future vindication and encouragement to resist the beast, to resist the worship of the empire, and to remain faithful to the Lamb alone. Furthermore, by understanding the apocolyptic genre, we can understand how this same message rings true for believers before us, believers today, and believers future to us yet. This is part one. Grab yer pitchforks!!!!!

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