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Celebrate Passover with us on March 26th

Shalom, Tabernaclers. We’re celebrating Passover on March 26th – just a couple weeks away. Passover with us includes a full seder meal, a reverent service and haggadah that remembers God’s deliverance in the exodus from Egypt and Messiah’s sacrifice as the Passover lamb. Music, teaching, celebration, keeping the commandments – it’s all holy and righteous!… Read more

Join us for Shavuot

Shalom, folks! Shavuot is almost here – join us Saturday May 23rd and Sunday May 24th with teaching from special guest speaker Andrew Gabriel Roth, music and ministry from congregation founders Bob & Jacquie Himango, and a multi-congregational meal and fellowship. Hineh mah tov! Mr. Roth is a Messianic Jewish theologian, author, and speaker, and… Read more