Ep 10: Revelation – Hope or Horror? Part 3

Shalom Tabernaclers,

Ryan White, one of the teachers at Tabernacle of David, runs the Conversations with the Bible podcast. A new episode is available:

What a journey! I’ve had such a fun time traveling through the Book of Revelation from a different perspective! This is the final part in this 3 part series, but it only is the beginning of this trip for me. Please stay tuned in to FaithofMessiah.com for more teachings on this amazing and mysterious book.

In part 3, there is a bit of a shift after I read an amazing book called Unveiling Empire: Reading Revelation Then and Now (Howard-Brook & Gwyther). Turns out that the message of Revelation is so much more relevant here and now. It is screaming out at us trying to rip off our blinders; to warn us against complacency and give us hope for a better future. Hope you enjoy!

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