What did God do with apologetics on college campuses in 2019?

Editor’s note: This post originally appeared on Think Apologetics. Tabernacle of David considers this resource trustworthy and Biblically sound.


On top of maintaining this blog and a social media presence,  from time to time, I get asked what it is like doing campus apologetics on two universities in Columbus, Ohio.  I am the director of Ratio Christi Campus Apologetics Alliance at The Ohio State University and Columbus State Community College. Between both of these campuses there are nearly 100,000 students. We are the only apologetic ministries on these campuses. So what was accomplished in 2019 on these campuses?


1.  We spoke to between 600-700 students this year. Granted, some discussions can last for hours and others can be shorter.  But God brought us many divine appointments.

2. We had between 35-40 evangelism/apologetic weekly equipping meetings at Ohio State. Keep in mind, our term runs from last August to early December and mid January through April. During summer months, we spend a lot of time doing outreach at Columbus State. These meetings allow students to be equipped in the top apologetic issues of our day.

3.   Outside of that, we had even more Bible studies off the campus at various locations.

4.   We had between 60-70 discipleship/mentoring one on one meetings


5. We had two events this year at The Ohio State University. Dr. Frank Turek spoke on “I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be An Atheist” and Dr. James Tour spoke on “The Mystery of Life’s Origin.” This took a lot of promotion and I am happy to report that as always, it opened the door to have many fruitful spiritual discussions.

What is the key to being successful in outreach? 

One thing that I keep learning is that one of the keys to being used by God is simply being visible. When we are out on campuses or we have our weekly meetings on campus, it creates an atmosphere where students say “Oh, there they are, and I know I can talk to them.” There are times when they are looking for us. We believe God has prepared each day and He will direct us to the people he wants. And in some cases, other professing Messiah followers will see us and be encouraged that we are out on the campus.

If you want to make an end of the year gift, we would deeply appreciate it.  Or we have a pay pal accountWe are always looking for new partners who believe in what we do. May the Lord bless you during this season and please let me know if there is any way we can serve you!

May the Lord bless you in 2020

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