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These are the Days of Izvestia

On March 15, 1917 the editorial board of the Communist Party newspaper Pravda welcomed a new member – Joseph Stalin. The name chosen for this flagship journal –‘Pravda’ – is the Russian word for ‘truth,’ though its original usage also referred to ‘justice.’ The first medieval law code of Kiev Rus (ancient Russia) was known […]

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Polygamy Harms Men, Women, and Children

I’ve been reading some scientific studies on the psychosocial impact of

polygamy (in particular, the form of polygamy known as polygyny, that is, a

husband having two or more wives). Modern-day advocates for polygamy argue

that this practice benefits families and society, but the scientific data

tells a different story. The harmful effects of polygamy on the well-being

of men, women, and children are striking.

New music: Yaakov Ben Yehoshua

Three new music albums added in a day. Making up for a bit of lost time in the last month or so. ☺

Today’s new album is actually several singles by friend of the station, Yaakov Ben Yehoshua:

Born Again


Ani Ohev אני אוהב


You Alone Are God

HaKol Beseder הכל בסדר

I Will Fear You

Or Khadash

Kum Bo Yah

Thanks to Yaakov for sending us all his tunes for play on Chavah. We hope you’ll enjoy them, fine Chavah listeners.

You can his music over at Amazon .

New music: Adalya – By Every Word

Shalom Chavah listeners. More new music on the station:

Adalya – By Every Word

Thanks to Adalya for sending us this album, their third on Chavah. The album features 8 songs, all from individual chapters of Biblical books.

You can purchase the album over at

New music: Aromem

Shalom fine Chavah listeners. We’ve got some new music on the station that I think you’ll love:


This is a new band formed by Messianic music veteran David Martin, whose solo music already graces Chavah, along with a friend of the station, Jonathan, who has contributed in many ways to Chavah over the last year.

In their own words, here’s Aromem:

Aromem is a band comprised of David Martin (leader) and several relatives. All songs so far have been composed by David Martin. Our music aims to strike a combination of the modern contemporary/messianic style with a bit the native American style instruments and rhythm.

Give them a listen and up vote if you like them, friends.

You can purchase their music over at Bandcamp .