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New music: Paul Wilbur – Selah סלה

Oh yes! New Messianic music to increase your joy during these High Holy Days: 

Paul Wilbur – Selah

This is a beautiful instrumental album from perhaps the most well-known Messianic musician. I’m certain you all will enjoy this peaceful, soothing melodic take on the psalms and Scripture. ♥

If you enjoy this holy music, I encourage you in the Lord to support Messiah’s musicians: you can purchase this album here  or donate to Messiah’s Music Fund . Thanks, friends.

Enjoy this holy new music for King Messiah as you celebrate the King’s Feasts! Happy Rosh Hashana/Yom Teruah, dear friends! L’shana tova to you all in Yeshua the Lord!

Saudis, Rose Gardens and Genesis 12:3 – an update on 9/11

Nineteen years ago jihadi terrorists attacked America. Four jet-liners rammed into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and a Pennsylvania field murdering 2,996 civilians. Fifteen of the nineteen Islamist hijackers were Saudis. At that time Saudi official sources denied any Saudi involvement. Instead they blamed Israel and the Zionists for the 9/11 attacks: On June […]

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