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Author: David Wilber

Israel had been delivered from Egypt and they were on a journey to the Promised Land. During their journey, they were to follow the lead of Yahweh and move forward only in accordance with his will.

How did they know when it was time to move forward? The cloud that rested over the tabernacle determined when they would continue on their journey. When the cloud moved, they were to move (Numbers 9:22-23). The movement of the cloud was announced by the blowing of the two silver trumpets (Numbers 10:1-10).

The instructions concerning the silver trumpets are worth our attention:

  • The priests were the ones who were commanded to blow the trumpets (Numbers 10:8).

  • The trumpets were used to call together the whole congregation of Israel and/or the leaders of Israel; both trumpets were used to call all the people while only one trumpet was used to call the leaders (Numbers 10:3-4).

  • The trumpets were used as a signal for marching forward (Numbers 10:5-7).

  • The trumpets were used as an alarm for war when Israel reached Canaan (Numbers 10:9).

  • The trumpets were also used to announce the feast days and the beginning of each month (Numbers 10:10).

So, the leadership of Israel—the priests—had the responsibility of observing the movement of the cloud and announcing to the rest of Israel when they were to gather together and when they were to move forward on their journey.

What can we learn from this?

Like the Israelites, we are also on a journey. While we’ve been delivered from our “Egypt”—our slavery to sin and death—we are not yet in the Promised Land. We are in the wilderness, and we must follow Yahweh’s lead through this journey of life, looking forward to the New Jerusalem to come.

We march forward, not according to our own plans, but according to the will of Yahweh, which is by the leading of the Holy Spirit and the pattern expressed in His Torah. We gather together on the feast days to encourage each other and commemorate the amazing things God has done for us. We also heed the guidance of our spiritual leaders that have been given to us to help maintain order and stability within our community.

The journey of life is difficult, but as we look forward to the eternal hope we have, we are strengthened to march forward in accordance with God’s will.

This article was adapted from a video teaching I wrote for 119 Ministries called “Parashah Points: Beha’alotcha – Following the Cloud”

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