Interview: Dr. Michael Brown on Christian Antisemitism

Editor’s note: This post originally appeared on Think Apologetics. Tabernacle of David considers this resource trustworthy and Biblically sound.


In our weekly apologetics meeting we talk to the premier Messianic Apologist , Dr. Michael Brown. His nationally syndicated radio show, The Line of Fire, airs throughout the United States. He regularly contributes articles to the Christian news platform the Stream as well as to the news site Townhall. Dr. Brown holds a Ph.D in Near Eastern Languages and Literature from New York University. Michael has authored several books. We discuss Dr. Brown’s latest book on antisemitism. You may say “But Jesus and Paul were Second Temple Jewish men. And the New Testament is written by Jewish people.” How is antisemitism possible? Sadly, Christian antisemitism is still alive and well. We will discuss some points in Dr. Brown’s new book.

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