A Closer Look at the Sons of God in Genesis 6: 1-4: Dr. Igal German

Editor’s note: This post originally appeared on Think Apologetics. Tabernacle of David considers this resource trustworthy and Biblically sound.


In this clip, we interview Dr. Igal German about the Sons of God passage in Genesis 6: 1-4. Founding Director, International Biblical Apologetics Association & Yesod Bible Center. USA Dr. Igal German is professor of Old Testament studies and a Messianic Jewish apologist (Ph.D., University of St. Michael’s College, Toronto; B.A., M.A., University of Haifa, Israel). He is the founding director of IBAA & Yesod Bible Center. USA,

The three primary views on the identity of the sons of God are 1) they were fallen angels, 2) they were powerful human rulers, or 3) they were godly descendants of Seth intermarrying with wicked descendants of Cain. 

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