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New feature: chat with other Chavah users

Shalom friends,

I built a new feature over the weekend that I hope you fine Chavah listeners will enjoy. You can now chat with other Chavah listeners:

My son and I thought it’d be a great idea to try: chat with other Chavah listeners. With this feature, you can ask us questions, chat with other Chavah listeners, connect with other believers. Give it a try!

On desktop, just click the Discord chat icon on the bottom right of the screen:

You can also access chat by clicking your profile icon in the top right corner of the screen, then click chat:

Give it a spin and let me know what you think in the chat.

New Chavah app for Windows

Shalom friends,

If you’re on Windows, you should know that I’ve deployed an important new version of the Chavah app. Install Chavah from the Microsoft Store .

This new updated app utilizes modern web technology to do things like badging, notifications, UI reflection, and other improvements that weren’t available in the old version of the app.

If you’re using Windows, give it a spin !

Announcing Messiah’s Musicians Fund (We Need Your Help!)

Just a few of Messiah’s musicians on Chavah Messianic Radio

Shalom fine Chavah listeners,

We’re launching a new feature on Chavah: Messiah’s Musician Fund, where each month we will donate money to the Messianic artists on Chavah. That money will come from myself (Judah)…and from you, I hope! 😊 Friends, will you donate to Messiah’s Musicians Fund ?

Chavah has always been 100% free, purely a labor of love. I’m glad to amplify Messiah’s musicians to a broader audience. I consider it a service to the Lord. And I hope it’s a service to you, friends. I hope Chavah has blessed you and your household with the holy music of King Messiah.

But, I want to do more: I want to financially help to the artists on Chavah . It’s one thing to amplify Messiah’s music to this generation. It’s another to support the artists who have graciously and freely given their music to bless you without charge. What a joyful blessing it will be to Messiah’s musicians to receive support from the flock each month!

So, friends, can you spare $10 to support Messiah’s musicians? Is Messiah’s music a cause worthy of your support? If your answer is yes, please join me and donate to Messiah’s Musicians Fund . Together, we will bless God’s holy musicians in a tangible way.

Thank you for considering, fine Chavah fans. ♥

New feature: popular, trending, recent pages

Shalom friends,

I’m glad to report we’ve rolled out a new feature to the station:

You can now browse popular , recent , and trending pages:

Popular shows the top-ranked songs on Chavah Recent shows songs you recently played Trending shows songs that were thumbed-up recently by you and other listeners To access these pages, on desktop or tablet just click the any of the circled areas:

Additionally, and to enable these pages on mobile phones, you can access these pages from the menu in the top right:

We’ve also updated some styling on the home page for desktop and tablets: as the songs change, so will the text color of “trending”, “my likes”, “recent”, and “popular”:

Each time a song plays, the text color will transition to the album colors. In the above screenshot, the album text color is red, so the trending, my likes, recent, and popular links become red as well.

And finally, we revamped the My Likes pages to work like trending, popular, and recent. They all work better on mobile as well.


New feature: Undo a song like/dislike

Shalom Chavah fans and a happy 2020 to you, friends.

We just rolled out a new much-requested feature on Chavah: you can now undo a like or a dislike. Undoing a like will remove the song from your likes list. Here’s how it works:

If you like a song, we show the thumb-up icon in gold color:

(Ditto for dislike, except the gold-colored thing will be the thumb-down button.)

Previously, once you liked a song, you couldn’t un-like it. Sure, you could thumb-it down, but that not only un-likes the song, but dislikes it, which reduces its ranking and informs Chavah not to play it for you. (And, decreases the chances the song will be played for other listeners.)

With this new feature, just click the “thumb-up” button again and it will undo your like. Now the song is in neutral state for you; neither liked nor disliked:

Just tap the thumb-up a second time to undo your like. The same works for thumb-down; you can tap thumb-down a second time to undo your dislike of a song.