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How Do You Not Displace the Jewish People? – Messianic Insider

J.K. McKee of Messianic Apologetics discusses how there are various non-Jewish Believers, who in believing themselves as a part of Israel via their Messiah faith—are in danger of certainly practicing a displacement of Jewish Believers.

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What Contribution Are You Making to Jewish Evangelism? – Articles

The modern Messianic movement got started as an outreach of Jewish Believers, to see the Jewish people come to saving faith in Israel’s Messiah. To be sure, there are other things which have taken place since, such as non-Jewish Believers entering in and more tangibly embracing their Jewish Roots. There are theological and spiritual issues, which the original leaders could not have anticipated being discussed. We pray that God raises up the right people to perform the diversity of tasks before us. The original mission of seeing Jewish people come to faith in Israel’s Messiah still has not gone away. And, if you are a part of today’s Messianic movement, you have to ask yourself, “What contribution am I making to Jewish evangelism?”