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The Last Seder and Yeshua’s Passover Chronology – Articles

What kind of issues present themselves when the Passover season arrives? Would you believe that there are some people in the Messianic community today who do not believe that the Last Supper was a real, or even a kind-of, seder meal? How many of you have been engulfed in the argument that we need to do exactly what Yeshua did, and not any “traditions of men,” making Passover a bit unexciting? While there are longstanding disagreements on halachah between the Ashkenazic and Sephardic Jewish traditions on what is kosher for Passover, think about some of the new Messianic disagreements that have arisen on what actually took place in those days leading up to Yeshua’s betrayal and execution. How long is three days and three nights? Was the Messiah really crucified, or put to death another away? And this is only a short list of what often gets discussed…

Celebrate Passover with us on March 26th

Shalom, Tabernaclers. We’re celebrating Passover on March 26th – just a couple weeks away. Passover with us includes a full seder meal, a reverent service and haggadah that remembers God’s deliverance in the exodus from Egypt and Messiah’s sacrifice as the Passover lamb. Music, teaching, celebration, keeping the commandments – it’s all holy and righteous!… Read more