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Ryan White

Marriage as a Covenant - Part 1

Taught by Ryan White,
About Ryan White: Ryan has been with Tabernacle of David since early 2012. His ministry is Faith of Messiah ( He is an affiliate teacher with Rico Cortes' ministry, Wisdom in Torah. In May of 2017, he graduated from Lincoln Christian University with a Masters of Arts in Biblical Studies with Old Testament Specialization degree
October 19, 2012

Ancient Near East, Divorce, Marriage, Yeshua

Part of the Ryan's Teachings series, Taught at a Friday Night Service service

In part 1 we covered how God views marriage as a covenant, not a contract and what the implications for that are. We then went into the culture and customs of the ancient Near East (Mosheh's time period) concerning marriage and divorce and linked these to the Torah's laws on divorce and remarriage. Finally we went into the First Century's cultures and customs and then compared those with the words of Yeshua and Paul.



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