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Judah Gabriel Himango

The State of the Messianic Faith

Taught by Judah Gabriel Himango,
About Judah Gabriel Himango: Husband, dad, disciple of the Jewish Messiah Yeshua, technologist. Author of Chavah Messianic Radio (, MessianicChords (, and EtzMitzvot ( He's @judahgabriel on Twitter and Facebook.
September 21, 2012

Part of the Special Topic series, Taught at a Friday Night Service service

This teaching discusses the various branches of the Messianic movement from Jews to Jesus to "Hebraic Roots" to Messianic Judaism. Judah discusses common beliefs and criticisms of each movement so as to give the listener a broader understanding of what things are occuring within the greater "Messianic" community.

Current State of the Messianic Movement - by Judah Himango from Zeal of Pinchas on Vimeo.

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