New music: Mishkanim – Rejoicing

This post originally appeared on Chavah Messianic Radio, a service by Tabernacle of David teacher Judah Gabriel Himango.

Shalom Chavah fans,

Fresh new Messianic music for your holy enjoyment:

Mishkanim – Rejoicing

Mishkanim are a wonderful Messianic couple, veterans of Messianic music. This is the 5th (!) Messianic album they’ve graciously allowed us to play on Chavah. Their previous Messianic albums:

  1. Into the Deep
  2. Returning
  3. Restoration
  4. Redemption

…are all well-received and highly ranked on Chavah. Messianic music lovers enjoy Mishkanim music! I’m certain this new album will encourage and edify you, fine Chavah fans.

Also, thanks to the fine Chavah fans who donated to make this album happen! All glory to the King!

Enjoy the fine new music for Messiah, fine Chavah fans.

New music: Mishkanim – Rejoicing

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