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New music: Lily Francis – Prayers

Shalom friends,

We’ve just now added some beautiful new music to the station to sweeten your shabbat:

Lily Francis – Prayers

Lily is a friend of the station and independent Messianic musician and songwriter. This new 5 song EP features gentle, folksy worship set to guitar, piano, violin. 

I think my favorites from this album are Return to Me  and her beautiful cover of Hashkivenu . But really, all 5 songs are something special and praiseworthy.

I think you fine listeners will enjoy this beautiful new music for King Yeshua.

Shabbat shalom, fine Chavah listeners.

New music: Elana Watson – Awake O Israel

Shalom dear Messianic music afficionados,

We’ve added more music to the station, this time a classic Messianic album:

Elana Watson – Awake O Israel

I’ve had a few songs from this classic album on the station, but just hadn’t got around to getting the whole album on. Now it is. 😊

Here’s a little bit about this classic Messianic album:

Awake O Israel is a recording of unprecedented combinations of Middle Eastern, Latin American, and Eastern European melodies and rhythms. Elana Watson is the daughter of renowned messianic artists Merv & Merla Watson. Coming from a musical family, Watson grew up onstage performing in theatres, cathedrals, churches, synagogues, and festivals, and has been on television and radio in over 30 countries. This recording consists of many crossovers along with Watson’s original sound. It is indeed a new sound full of surprise and energy!

Enjoy this golden oldie for King Messiah, fine friends in Yeshua. 😎

New music: Miqedem – Eshkona

Shalom excellent and joyful Chavah listeners,

New music now playing on Chavah Messianic Radio. Check it out!

Miqedem – Eshkona (I Will Rest)

Miqedem has quickly become one of the most beloved bands in the Messianic Jewish genre. From Tel Aviv Yaffo, this group composed of talented Israeli musicians Jamie Hilsden, Shai Sol, Yaron Cherniak and friends have come together for their 3rd album, Eshkona (I Will Rest)

The name Eshkona אֶשְׁכֹּנָה comes from Psalm 55, “Oh that I had wings like a dove, I would fly away and be at rest (eshkona אשכנה)

Here’s what the group has to say about this new album:

Miqedem’s third album, Eshkona (“I will rest”) is the band’s most collaborative and instrumentally diverse album to date, and includes guest appearances from many of the band’s friends in the Israeli world-music scene.

Initial pre-production took place from January to March 2021, at the hight of the pandemic and Israel’s tight movement restrictions. It was during this time that the three songwriters of the band moved into a friend’s attic in Tel Aviv’s Neve Tzedek neighborhood, where they set up a makeshift recording studio and began fleshing out ideas and recording demo tracks by themselves.

Due to the fact that not all of the band was living in Israel at the time, production was halted in March ’21, but in early ’22, when the band was able to re-unite in Israel on a permanent basis, production resumed. This time the band enlisted the help of producer/engineer Shahar Kaufman, whose studio, Onyx Studio, is located in the idyllic Upper Galillee region of Israel, in the small town of Rosh Pina.

In a statement from the band, Shai Sol wrote, “we knew we wanted to work with Shahar. For one, I had just finished spending several weeks in Rosh Pina, and I had the pleasure of working with Shahar – and we totally hit it off. I knew that he’d understand exactly what Miqedem was trying to do, and his experience in recording ethnic instruments and producing world-music artists was just what we needed. Plus, his studio is in one of the most beautiful places in Israel. When you work there, you wake up every morning with a view of snowy Mt. Hermon. And the studio even has a stream running through its front yard. It was the kind of change we needed after spending almost three months in a Tel Aviv attic during lockdown!”

The album’s title (“Eshkona”, meaning “I will rest”) takes its name from the fourth track, Ever Kayona (Wings of a Dove), that says, “Oh that I had the wings of a dove, I would fly away and be at rest”, a sentiment reflected throughout the album, both lyrically and musically.

In a further statement, Jamie Hilsden added, “Our previous albums have a lot of pretty up-tempo songs, but when we listened back to the record we noticed that we wrote a much more restful album than in the past, and I think that’s not a coincidence. It was written during such an awful and stressful – and unstable – period of time. So I’m not surprised that we were writing such calm music. We were probably trying to soothe ourselves! Same goes for the lyrics we were drawn to. There are a lot of images of rest on the album.”

The album’s artwork was drawn and designed by Tel Aviv illustrator, Noa Goffer, and references the many images related to plant-life found on the record.

Regarding the artwork, Yaron Cherniak states, “We got to Noa Goffer through the recommendation of our mutual friend Sharona Cantor, who we enlisted as our art director. We had seen Noa’s work around before, but as soon as we all sat down to choose an artist, we all felt that Noa was right for this record. She has such a unique way of depicting nature, plant-life and the animal kingdom in almost child-like drawing in her art. We knew that if we gave her the record, and she heard all the imagery we ended up using on it, she’d know just what to do.””

The album was mixed by Dan Zeitune, and Mastered by Aran Lavi.

Friends, I know you’ll love this beautiful new album for King Messiah. You can support Miqedem by buying this album here for name-your-price . You can also donate to Messiah’s Music Fund, which we distribute to all the artists on Chavah including Miqedem.

Thanks friends! Enjoy!

New music: Ted Pearce – Ancient Gates

 Shalom dear Chavah listeners,

Fresh new Messianic music on the station, contributed by our dear friend and longtime Messianic artist, Ted Pearce. ♥

Ted Pearce – Ancient Gates

This is Ted’s 11th (!) record/LP. His songs have become staples of the modern Messianic movement, played everywhere in our congregations and beloved by many. His music is some of the highest rated music on Chavah, so I know you fine folks love his works for the Lord.

Ted gives some background on this new 7 song album:

I can remember the joy I felt the first time I heard these songs. People were dancing and singing and enjoying each other. These seem like standards that every Jewish congregation would know, but I had never heard them before at age 29.  In 2021, I began studying to be an audio engineer and chose these songs for my “work project” to learn that skill. Then, during the “Long Tour 2022” across the western USA, I recorded a few friends along the way and added them to these recordings. By October, the Long Tour 2022 arrived in L.A. and was ready for Cyamak Ashtiani @Northridge Studio to mix it.  This project is dedicated to my mom, Betty Ames, and to the ladies who taught me these songs – Deanne Joseph and Elizabeth Schiller. May everyone be blessed by the hearing of these ancient songs.

Deena Shapiro – vocals – Mana Vu, Lechu Neranena, Hinei Ma Tov Lynn O’Conner McDowell – vocals – Mana Vu, Shalom Medley  Ted Pearce – vocals, bass, keys, acoustic & elec guitars  Will Franke – violins, violas, cellos, sitar  Steve Bagsby – steel guitar  Matt McKeown – drums  Joe McCanna – piano  I think you’ll enjoy this new album for King Messiah, dear listeners. If you do, please support Ted’s work for Messiah, please purchase this album for name-your-price . You can also donate to Messiah’s Music Fund , which is distributed to all the artists on Chavah including Ted. Thanks for supporting Messiah’s musicians, friends! ♥

New (old) music now on Chavah: Liberated Wailing Wall – We Were Like Dreamers

Shalom dear Chavah fans,

Here’s something special to bring joy to your shabbat: new (old!) Messianic music now playing on Chavah.

Liberated Wailing Wall – We Were Like Dreamers

This golden oldie was created back in 1976 and includes 12 songs by Messianic music pioneers, some of which (I am thinking of “Trees of the Field”) that later became well know, beloved songs in our congregations.

From the liner notes: “This album is dedicated to all dozen of you who love the Liberated Wailing Wall’s music.” 😅

Enjoy this blast from the past, this holy album from Messianic music pioneers Stuart Dauermann and Liberated Wailing Wall. ♥

You can purchase this album over at JPL Books . You can also donate to all musicians on Chavah via Messiah’s Music Fund . Thanks for supporting Messiah’s musicians. 

New music: Ian Michaels – Renaissance

Shalom Chavah fans,

Fresh music on the station for you to increase your joy this shabbat:

Ian Michaels – Renaissance

This album is a 12 song instrumental album from friend of the station Ian Michaels. Check it out friends, there are some beautiful tunes for the King here.

You can purchase this album over at . You can also support all musicians on Chavah, including Ian, via Messiah’s Music Fund . Thanks for supporting Messiah’s musicians, friends. ♥

Enjoy the new music for Messiah! Shabbat shalom to you all.

New music: Misha Goetz – A Time for Everything

Shalom fine Messianic music fans,

I’m glad to report fresh new music streaming on the station:

Misha Goetz – A Time for Everything

This new album features 10 fresh songs by the talented Messianic Jewish singer and songwriter Misha Goetz Hoyt.

She’s joined on the album her famed father, Marty Goetz. Messianic artists Joshua Aaron also contributes to this album on “God Almighty Reigns.” And Shae (Chernoff) Wilbur, daughter of Messianic music pioneer Joel Chernoff and daughter-in-law to Paul Wilbur, also contributes to this beautiful work for Messiah on the 4th song, Shema, as well as background vocals on the album.

The album features a few beautiful new takes on songs you may have heard before: a choral version of the Aaronic Benediction, and a new twist on the Shema. Yet the bulk of this new rich album are brand new fresh songs, sure to be welcomed by the worldwide Messianic community. I think my favorite is Baruch Haba, a song that stirs our hearts and longs for the nation of Israel to return to her Messiah.

Friends, you can support Misha by purchasing this album . You can also donate to all artists on Chavah by donating to Messiah’s Music Fund . Thanks for supporting Messiah’s musicians, dear friends!

Enjoy this fresh new Messianic Jewish music, holy friends. And those in the US, have a grateful and thank-ful Thanksgiving holiday. ♥

New music: Troy Mitchell – Tzion

Fresh new Messianic music now playing on Chavah:

Troy Mitchell – Tzion ציון

Troy is a dear friend of mine and extraordinarily talented musician for the Lord. I’ve known him for many years; my parents led worship at his congregation many years ago when I was a teen. I’ve worshiped with Troy many times in person too – from joint congregational events to the Minnesota State Fair! 😎

This new album, Tzion, is Troy’s 4th album on the station. Previous albums include Light of the World , Yoke of the King , and Awake . He’s also produced a liturgical chanting album for Passover season in Se’udat Mashiach . Troy’s music has been well received thus far on Chavah, so I think ya’ll will enjoy this fresh new album.

Tzion features 10 new songs, including 3 fresh takes on the psalms. He describes it like this:

Troy Mitchell’s latest release brings all-new music focused on the future kingdom. From soul-searching melodies that yearn for HaShem’s presence, to joyful arrangements that impassion our hearts to look toward the day when we will celebrate with Messiah, this album explores various genres that are sure to resonate with every listener.

If you enjoy Troy’s music, please consider supporting him. You can purchase this album or better yet, support Troy through Patreon . We at Chavah are supporting him through his Patreon and via Messiah’s Music Fund – I’ll hope you’ll do the same, friends. Thanks for supporting Messiah’s musicians!

Enjoy this fresh new music for Messiah, dear friends.

New music: Joshua Aaron – Live from the Garden Tomb

New music now playing on Chavah on this joyous Sukkot week.

Joshua Aaron – Live at the Garden Tomb

Joshua Aaron has become one of the biggest names in Messianic music. This new album is recorded live before a group of believers at the Garden Tomb, the traditional site of Yeshua’s burial.

This new album features musical guests Aaron Shust, Shilo Ben Hod, Nizar Francis, Yaron Cherniak, and some of the finest musicians and holy worshipers from Israel. I’ve given a listen to several songs on this album and I know you fine folks will have your joy 10x’d by this beautiful work for the Lord. 😊

You can purchase this album over at . You can also donate to all musicians on Chavah via Messiah’s Music Fund . Thanks for supporting Mesiah’s musicians.

Enjoy this new album for Messiah, dear Chavah fans, and have a joyful Sukkot!

New music: Ian Michaels – Kingdom Come

New music now playing on Chavah this beautiful Sukkot week:

Ian Michaels – Kingdom Come


Ian describes this new album, Kingdom Come:

This album was 2 years in the making containing post- “pandemic” material as well as some worship songs written over the years. It contains a variety of genres including somethings I’ve never done before on an album; a Klezmer style tune [The Shofar] and a song written in the style of a National Anthem [Farewell to Righteousness & Liberty]. My wife, Nava is featured as the female vocalist on Kingdom Come, Your Word, Zion’s Lamb, Maranatha, End of Days, and In the Light. The Bailey Family Ministry is featured as the choir at the opening and closing of Zion’s Lamb. Don’t Blame God was written by Barry Mcguire who gave me permission to record my version of this awesome tune and add it to this project.

You can purchase this new album over at . You can also donate to all Messianic musicians on Chavah via Messiah’s Music Fund . Thanks for supporting Messiah’s musicians, dear listeners!

Enjoy this new album for King Messiah, fine Chavah fans. ♥