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New music: Joshua Aaron – Live from the Garden Tomb

New music now playing on Chavah on this joyous Sukkot week.

Joshua Aaron – Live at the Garden Tomb

Joshua Aaron has become one of the biggest names in Messianic music. This new album is recorded live before a group of believers at the Garden Tomb, the traditional site of Yeshua’s burial.

This new album features musical guests Aaron Shust, Shilo Ben Hod, Nizar Francis, Yaron Cherniak, and some of the finest musicians and holy worshipers from Israel. I’ve given a listen to several songs on this album and I know you fine folks will have your joy 10x’d by this beautiful work for the Lord. 😊

You can purchase this album over at . You can also donate to all musicians on Chavah via Messiah’s Music Fund . Thanks for supporting Mesiah’s musicians.

Enjoy this new album for Messiah, dear Chavah fans, and have a joyful Sukkot!

New music: Ian Michaels – Kingdom Come

New music now playing on Chavah this beautiful Sukkot week:

Ian Michaels – Kingdom Come


Ian describes this new album, Kingdom Come:

This album was 2 years in the making containing post- “pandemic” material as well as some worship songs written over the years. It contains a variety of genres including somethings I’ve never done before on an album; a Klezmer style tune [The Shofar] and a song written in the style of a National Anthem [Farewell to Righteousness & Liberty]. My wife, Nava is featured as the female vocalist on Kingdom Come, Your Word, Zion’s Lamb, Maranatha, End of Days, and In the Light. The Bailey Family Ministry is featured as the choir at the opening and closing of Zion’s Lamb. Don’t Blame God was written by Barry Mcguire who gave me permission to record my version of this awesome tune and add it to this project.

You can purchase this new album over at . You can also donate to all Messianic musicians on Chavah via Messiah’s Music Fund . Thanks for supporting Messiah’s musicians, dear listeners!

Enjoy this new album for King Messiah, fine Chavah fans. ♥

New music: Brayden & Tali Waller – Extravagant Love

Shalom dear Chavah listeners,

Fresh new Messianic music on the station for your enjoyment and edification:

Brayden & Tali Waller – Extravagant Love

I’ve worshiped with Brayden & Tali for a few years now over at Proclaim Hebraic Music Fest , and I’ve come to really love this family their beautiful music.

Here’s a bit about this new album:

This album has been in the making since Brayden was 18 years old and wrote “Love in your Eyes” a song featured in his family’s documentary “A Journey Home”.

Drawing from the story of Mary of Bethany the title song “Extravagant Love” calls us to a life of complete devotion to God. This collaborative effort by Brayden and Tali Waller brings a message of purity of heart and clarity of purpose.

Songs like “Noah, Daniel, and Job” speak to the desperate condition of the world today, while “It Is Good For A Man” and “Purity Of Heart” give words and melody to a desire to live out a life in stark contrast to the world. “Anna’s Song” reminds us of the beauty of a lifelong dedication to a Messiah that brings forth righteousness and everlasting life. The song “Holding The Line” encourages us to hold on to God in the midst of our struggles.

You can purchase this new album over at . You can also donate to all musicians on Chavah through Messiah’s Music Fund . Thanks for supporting Messiah’s musicians!

Enjoy this new music for Messiah, fine Messianic music fans.

New music: Left and Right Ministries – O Yisrael

Shalom fine Chavah fans,

We’ve just added fresh new Messianic music to the station to sweeten this beautiful shabbat:

Left and Right Ministries – O Yisrael

This is the debut album from Left and Right Ministries, a duo of Linden and Ruth Mitchell, that I met at Proclaim Hebraic Music Fest last month.

I’m impressed with the beauty they’ve created in this album: soaring vocals, stirring guitar and violin set to psalms and original songs. I suspect we’ll hear more holy music from this group in the years to come. ♥

You can purchase O Yisrael here , and you can donate to Left and Right Ministries through Messiah’s Music Fund . Thanks for supporting Messiah’s musicians, holy friends.

Enjoy this new music for the King!

New music: Ted Pearce – A New Day

Shalom fine Chavah fans,

To sweeten you Shabbat, I’m pleased to announce we’ve begun playing new Messianic music on Chavah for your edification:

Ted Pearce – A New Day

I met with Ted Pearce last month at Proclaim Hebraic Music Fest  (p.s. you should come to this event next year!), and he tells me this album was originally intended to be part of the Shehekianu album . Due to COVID, this album was delayed and has only recently been released.

It’s a small 5 song album, but with some real ringers that I’m certain you fine Messianic music fans will enjoy. (Ted Pearce is, after all, one of the highest rated musicians on Chavah Radio!)

And as an added bonus, here’s a quick shot of myself and Ted. We’re…not the same height? 😂

Enjoy this beautiful new album for the Lord, fine Chavah fans! And please do support Ted: you can buy his music or donate directly to him . You can also donate to Messiah’s Music Fund , which is distributed to all the artists on Chavah.

Thanks holy friends, and enjoy!

New music: Gary Kaplan – Nations of the World

Shalom friends,

Fresh new Messianic music on the station:

Gary Kaplan – Nations of the World

This is an 18 song album from Messianic Jewish believer Gary Kaplan, his second album on the station. This album was contributed by the artist himself – thanks Gary!

Friends, I think you’ll enjoy this fresh, beautiful music for the Lord. Give it a listen and let us know what you think.

New music: Sonship – It Shall Be

I’m pleased to announce new music now playing on Chavah, and friends, this is something very special:

Sonship – It Shall Be

This new album is special because it’s a super rare album – no digital versions around – it’s a golden oldie produced in 1977 by Messianic music pioneer Rick Coghill, who passed away just the other month .

Founder of the pioneering Messianic music group Lamb:

Joel Chernoff (bottom left), Rick Coghill (top right) Friends, this is something special, something rare, something beautiful for the Lord by the late Messianic music pioneer and founding member of Lamb , Rick Coghill. I hope you fine folks will enjoy this special album! ♥

New music: The Beth Hallel Cantorial Choir – Atonement: A Yom Kippur Experience

Shalom Chaverim שלום חברים

We’ve added some fresh, beautiful Messianic Jewish music to Chavah:

The Beth Hallel Cantorial Choir – Atonement: A Yom Kippur Experience

“Atonement: A Yom Kippur Experience” takes 14 of the traditional pieces of Yom Kippur Liturgy and presents them in beautiful five-part A Capella, as sung by the Beth Hallel Cantorial Choir. The pieces, arranged and sung by Meuchad Ministry Director, Marc Vidito, along with his wife Dara and friends Steve Caswell and Jenni Seidner, are presented with richness and passion in a format heretofore unrecorded among the Messianic Jewish community.

Marc says, “Nearly 15 years ago, our former lead cantor, Dr. Rick Smith, envisioned a Yom Kippur service that blended the more modern worship with our traditional rich liturgy. We began with the worship team singers harmonizing on key elements of the liturgical worship and weaving the songs and liturgy together into a seamless experience. A few years in, I formally wrote and recorded choral renditions of the entire tome of liturgy in four and five parts, leaning on the great cantors like Richard Tucker and choral arranger John Rutter for inspiration for chants like “Kol Nidre” and “Yedid Nefesh”. Last year, after a decade and a half of perfecting these arrangements, a new congregant at Beth Hallel in Roswell, GA, Gregory Griffith, approached us about recording the liturgical experience for wide distribution. Under his auspices, we met this summer at Orange Peel Recordings in Kennesaw, GA with renowned vocal arranger, songwriter and producer, David Friedman. David is the real deal! He has conducted “Grease” and “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” on Broadway, and was the vocal arranger and conductor for films such as Disney’s “Pocahontas”, “Aladdin”, and “Beauty and the Beast”. In fact, the highlight of his career has been when Angela Lansbury recorded the song “Beauty and the Beast”, it was just her and David in the studio. She was singing right to him. So, his direction really helped bring the best we could give to the recording experience.”

You can purchase this album over at Amazon Music . Thanks for supporting Messiah’s musicians, friends. You can also donate to all artists on Chavah via Messiah’s Music Fund .

Enjoy the fresh new music for Messiah, dear listeners. ♥

New music: Heartcry of David Collective – United Kingdom

Shalom fine Chavah fans,

New worship album from Israel now playing on Chavah: Heartcry of David Collective – United Kingdom

Heartcry of David Collective is new to me, but it’s clear they have a heart for the Jewish people and the salvation of Israel. A little bit about them:

We are a team of anointed worship leaders, artists, and musicians – a collaboration of spirit-filled Jews & Gentiles – that hold a shared desire and vision to see believing Jews and Gentiles unified through worship. And for the entire body of Messiah to be aligned with God’s heart for Israel!

And a little bit about this new live worship album:

“United Kingdom” is Heartcry of David’s second project focused on connecting worshipers from Israel and the U.K. Since December 2018 we have pursued the Lord’s heart for these nations to be aligned in unity through worship and in early 2020 we joined together in the heart of Jerusalem to record this live worship album.

Give a listen, dear Chavah fans, I think you’ll be enriched through it.

Check out to learn more about the band and purchase their music. You can also donate to Messiah’s Music Fund , which is distributed to Heartcry of David and all artists on Chavah every month.

Thanks for supporting Messiah’s music, holy friends! Shabbat shalom to you all. ♥

New music: Joshua Turnil – Shoresh

Shalom fine Messianic music fans and an early shabbat shalom to you.

We’ve added new Messianic music to the station:

Joshua Turnil – Shoresh

Joshua is the director of Jews for Jesus in Paris, France. His music is a beautiful mix of French, Hebrew, and English. I’ve sampled several of the songs and really dig them! Awesome praises for the Lord with an eastern flair. I think you guys will too. 😊

The album is subtitled, “Back to the roots of Messianic music.”

He explains,

“Shoresh means root. We are getting back to the origins of messianic music…at the very origins of Jews for Jesus and the messianic movement of course, Shoresh first and foremost refers to the Messiah. He is at the origin and at the root of all good things. In Isaiah, he is called a root out of dry ground. The root comes out of dry ground but is not dry in and of itself. It is full of life and it gives life. Yeshua as a root out of dry ground is an image of Israel, identifies with Israel and the hope of Israel. We hope Shoresh will bring you back to the root of messianic faith and life.”

Indeed, his songs are fresh takes on old Messianic classics – check out the authors and dates on these songs from this album:

And Now Israel – written in 1974 by Messianic Jewish pioneers Stuart Dauermann & Mitch Glaser ) Behold, God is My Salvation – 1972 by Stuart Dauermann The Hallelujah Song – 1984 by Stuart Dauermann & Steffi Geiser Rubin Bless the Lord, My Soul – 1974 by Stuart Dauermann The Lord’s Prayer – 1974 by Stuart Dauermann Hoshienu – 1974 by Stuart Dauermann Etz Chaim (traditional) Ransomed – 1975 by Stuart Dauermann and Mitch Glaser Avinu Malkeinu (traditional) Blessed Be the Lord – 1972 by Stuart Dauermann Tov Lakhasot B’Shem – 1972 by Stuart Dauermann For God So Loved the World – 1972 by Stuart Dauermann This album really is a fresh take on old Messianic classics from the 1970s. Love it! Give it a listen, fine Messianic music fans.

You can purchase Shoresh over at JPL Books . Alternately, you can donate to Messiah’s Music Fund , which gets distributed to all artists on Chavah.