New music: Micha’el Eliyahu BenDavid – Mi Ya’aleh (Who Will Ascend) Volumes 1 and 2

This post originally appeared on Chavah Messianic Radio, a service by Tabernacle of David teacher Judah Gabriel Himango.

Shalom dear Chavah listeners,

Fresh new Messianic music from Israel on the station, a two volume set!

Micha’el is a dear friend of the station for many years. I’ve worshiped with this guy, enjoyed dinner with him at his home in Israel, hosted him at our congregation. I help him with his ministry as well over at I consider him a good friend in the Lord.
This two-volume album features soaring praises, heartfelt yearnings, joyful songs worshiping the King. There are some familiar tunes like Arise O Yah (set to Scarborough Fair) and Shem Malchuto (set to the theme from The Godfather), as well as original tunes for fresh takes on old Scripture (Hind’s Feet, Nachamu.Tsadik B’Emunato, many others).
Please do support Micha’el and his family by purchasing his music. I know he and his family of 7 would greatly appreciate it! You can also donate to Messiah’s Music Fund, which distributes funds to all the musicians on Chavah including Micha’el.

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