New music: Mason Clover – Perception

This post originally appeared on Chavah Messianic Radio, a service by Tabernacle of David teacher Judah Gabriel Himango.

Shabbat shalom, fine Chavah fans.

I’m delighted to announce our good friend Mason Clover has published a new Messianic album – hot off the presses this month – and also generously sent it to us for play on Chavah. Cool!

Mason Clover – Perception

Mason’s albums have a distinctive rich, crisp, production-quality sound set to Mason’s passionate singing the words of Scripture. This new album features fresh takes on old classics, like Mi Kamocha, Mason’s greatest hits, like El Shaddai, as well as several fresh new songs for the Lord.

I think you fine Chavah fans will greatly enjoy this new music for King Messiah.

Thanks to Mason for generously contributing this album to Chavah. Friends, you can support Mason by purchasing his music over at

Shabbat shalom!

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