New music: Joshua Turnil – Shoresh

This post originally appeared on Chavah Messianic Radio, a service by Tabernacle of David teacher Judah Gabriel Himango.

Shalom fine Messianic music fans and an early shabbat shalom to you.

We’ve added new Messianic music to the station:

Joshua Turnil – Shoresh

Joshua is the director of Jews for Jesus in Paris, France. His music is a beautiful mix of French, Hebrew, and English. I’ve sampled several of the songs and really dig them! Awesome praises for the Lord with an eastern flair. I think you guys will too. 😊

The album is subtitled, “Back to the roots of Messianic music.”

He explains,

“Shoresh means root. We are getting back to the origins of messianic music…at the very origins of Jews for Jesus and the messianic movement of course, Shoresh first and foremost refers to the Messiah. He is at the origin and at the root of all good things. In Isaiah, he is called a root out of dry ground. The root comes out of dry ground but is not dry in and of itself. It is full of life and it gives life. Yeshua as a root out of dry ground is an image of Israel, identifies with Israel and the hope of Israel. We hope Shoresh will bring you back to the root of messianic faith and life.”

Indeed, his songs are fresh takes on old Messianic classics – check out the authors and dates on these songs from this album:

  1. And Now Israel – written in 1974 by Messianic Jewish pioneers Stuart Dauermann & Mitch Glaser)
  2. Behold, God is My Salvation – 1972 by Stuart Dauermann
  3. The Hallelujah Song – 1984 by Stuart Dauermann & Steffi Geiser Rubin
  4. Bless the Lord, My Soul – 1974 by Stuart Dauermann
  5. The Lord’s Prayer – 1974 by Stuart Dauermann
  6. Hoshienu – 1974 by Stuart Dauermann
  7. Etz Chaim (traditional)
  8. Ransomed – 1975 by Stuart Dauermann and Mitch Glaser
  9. Avinu Malkeinu (traditional)
  10. Blessed Be the Lord – 1972 by Stuart Dauermann
  11. Tov Lakhasot B’Shem – 1972 by Stuart Dauermann
  12. For God So Loved the World – 1972 by Stuart Dauermann

This album really is a fresh take on old Messianic classics from the 1970s. Love it! Give it a listen, fine Messianic music fans.

You can purchase Shoresh over at JPL Books. Alternately, you can donate to Messiah’s Music Fund, which gets distributed to all artists on Chavah.

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