New (old) music now on Chavah: Liberated Wailing Wall – We Were Like Dreamers

This post originally appeared on Chavah Messianic Radio, a service by Tabernacle of David teacher Judah Gabriel Himango.

Shalom dear Chavah fans,

Here’s something special to bring joy to your shabbat: new (old!) Messianic music now playing on Chavah.

This golden oldie was created back in 1976 and includes 12 songs by Messianic music pioneers, some of which (I am thinking of “Trees of the Field”) that later became well know, beloved songs in our congregations.
From the liner notes: “This album is dedicated to all dozen of you who love the Liberated Wailing Wall’s music.” 😅
Enjoy this blast from the past, this holy album from Messianic music pioneers Stuart Dauermann and Liberated Wailing Wall. ♥
You can purchase this album over at JPL Books. You can also donate to all musicians on Chavah via Messiah’s Music Fund. Thanks for supporting Messiah’s musicians. 

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